“The cracks are what let the light in…”


We all wish there was no hate or crime in our world, right? We see scary things in the media each day that inflicts fear inside of our hearts, and soon after worry slowly creeps into our minds of what could happen to us or the people we love.

So, we pray (or even beg!) the Universe to remove all the hate, crime, and darkness from our world. We ask to instill peace and love into the hearts of those “bad” people.

But, without darkness–there could never be any light. As spiritual beings inhabiting these human bodies, we chose to come to this beautiful planet to experience the magnificent contrast that is available here. What greater contrast is there than light and darkness? Just as you must know sadness in order to know happiness, or you must know pain in order to feel good–we must have the darkness in order to have the light.

When you begin to really think about darkness, it seems like the Universe actually uses it in a way to allow more light to enter our soul and propel us forward into our true life purpose. When a crime occurs, normally there is some type of action steps taken afterwards to bring justice to the victims, and then sometimes even preventative measures are taken to ensure that this crime doesn’t happen again. Because of this crime, others will not have to suffer. Out of this darkness, came light.

It seems that the Universe uses any dark experience that we may have in order to crack us open to allow light to enter into our soul. The beauty of it is that it can’t always be dark in our lives, eventually the light (or the good experiences) will once again return. But that also means it can’t always be light either. A good rule of thumb is to give thanks for wherever you are. Thank the light for it’s many abundant blessings, but also thank the darkness for it’s unique blessings– for it’s in the dark where we learn our most valuable soul lessons.


“Those who are in the light, think of how the dark would be. Those who are in the dark, search for light. Light and dark are apart of life. We must face both.” -M. Ganesh Sai

(Title quote by Elizabeth Edwards)

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2 thoughts on ““The cracks are what let the light in…”

  1. This was written 2 days after one of the worst experiences I have had in my life in a long time. My family had been broken, and the day my family finally broke apart the way it did, I was angry and upset, but in a way that left me feeling empowered. From the day that all happened, to this day I am so thankful for my ability to stay positive through it all, because without the ability to be thankful for the things I had (even though we had all lost alot) I don’t think I would be in this great place now in my life. All of the events leading up to today were meant to happen so that I MAY be here where I am today. So the truth is written in the fact that from darkness comes light, and to say you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel is understandable, however it will only create more and more obstacles so that you may not see the light for a longer time. The light is always there, and the darkness is always there, it’s all in how you feel through each experience. I am grateful for my dark times, otherwise I would never be shining as brightly as I am today.


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