Gratitude = Support

heartpageWhen I wake up in the morning, I thank the Universe for allowing me to wake up and experience another day on this beautiful planet. I also thank my bed for being so comfy and warm, and then I greet my sweet baby, Kate, who is laying in her bed–and my heart instantly swells with gratitude that she chose me to be her Mom! After a few kisses from my Katie, I head to the bathroom to complete my morning routine, and I thank the objects in the bathroom for doing their jobs so wonderfully. I thank the shower for heating up to the perfect temperature and getting me clean, the sink for providing a convenient place to brush my teeth & wash my face, and even the toilet for existing so I don’t have to do my business outside! ha! I go about my morning and I thank many other inanimate objects and I thank the Universe for blessing me with my older daughters, Lily & Emma, and my amazing husband, Ben!

My gratitude practice goes on throughout my day and comes to an end at night when I thank the Universe for the good & bad of my day. Over the past few years, I have realized how crucial it is to feel grateful and give thanks for all aspects of my life–but lately, I have been thinking about what it really means when I thank all these objects, people, and experiences.

I have been wondering, what exactly am I telling the Universe when I show my gratitude?

I have come to the conclusion that when I show my gratitude by thinking, feeling, or speaking it– I am telling the Universe that I have complete and utter faith that it will always love me, guide me, and support me. With each gratitude, I am affirming that the Universe loves me! That God loves me! That Life loves me! I am confirming that the Universe supports me! That God supports me! That Life supports me! (or however feels best for you to describe it!)

For example, when I say thank you to my bed in the morning–what I am really saying is, “thank you, bed, for supporting me all night long as I slept soundly.” When I say thank you to the shower–what I am really saying is,”thank you, shower, for supporting my wishes to be clean and healthy. ” When I say thank you to my food–what I am really saying is, “thank you, food, for supporting my body.” When I give thanks for a book I am reading–what I am really saying is, “thank you, book, for supporting me with the knowledge that I need to absorb.” When I say thank you to my car–what I am really saying is, “thank you for supporting myself and my family as we safely travel from A to B.”


 Allowing gratitude to fill your heart is always wonderful–but when you begin to view it this way, and understand that what you are saying to the Universe when you practice thankfulness is that you completely trust that it is holding you up & assisting you in every way possible–you realize that you are not alone. It all really begins to click that every time we are thankful we are really just thanking our higher power for fully supporting us in our life.

When I first began my gratitude practice ten years ago, I didn’t feel very supported. I didn’t feel very guided….or very loved. I pretty much only felt silly. Alright, I thought, all these authors are telling me to give thanks to everything and now people are looking at me weird and I don’t see any of this so called “good” coming into my life. When I think back to that version of myself, I feel very compassionate towards her. I was trying, but I felt like it was getting me nowhere. I am so thankful that my younger version kept with it, that she didn’t give up…and that she continued to search for knowledge that would help her along on her journey. Now, I can see where it was all leading me–and guess what? I am so thankful!

When we make gratitude a priority in our lives–slowly, but surely–we begin to FEEL the support from the Universe. We can hear or feel the guidance that is coming from within our soul–from our higher self. We learn to slow down and listen for the messages from the Universe, Angels, & Guides–and we learn to keep our eyes peeled for the signs that we could receive.


With all this, I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel like I have my very best friends, my team, my squad (yeah, that’s me trying to be cool & impress my 7-year-old! ha!), or whatever else you might call it. I am surrounded by love. I am surrounded by guidance. I am supported by Life, by God, & by the Universe. I don’t have to just imagine it anymore–I know I am supported, and I know it because I can feel it in every single cell of my body. It is my truth, and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon it.

I am so grateful that I never gave up.


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