Knock, knock…it’s the Universe.

In order to manifest the experiences we would like to have into our lives–we must first ask. We must set an intention, say a prayer, or straight up ask the Universe to deliver!


Some ways we can do this is by writing our intention out on a piece of paper, saying it out loud, or simply by focusing a few minutes of thought, affirmation, or prayer towards it.

After we ask, we must allow the Universe to receive the message. My favorite way to to do this is by imagining that you have stuffed your intention into an envelope and you are dropping it into the mailbox.

Once it’s in the mailbox, it’s not your concern any longer! I know that sounds tough…but it’s true because you can no longer alter your intention by opening up the envelope and ferociously erasing or adding to it. You’ve done your part. No longer do you need to worry or dwell on your intention because there is nothing more you can do about it! It’s off in post office land, where all the other letters live!

Go ahead, try to call the Post Office to get your letter back…I’ve tried, and trust me, they will not give it back. They take their mailing business very seriously!

trustSo for real, all you need to do is trust that the Universe will receive it, will open it, and work on completing your request–as long as it’s for your highest good!

And let me remind you that just because you sent out your intention on a Monday, that does NOT mean that you will receive your answered prayer on Tuesday!

You need to allow time for the letter to get there and allow time for the Universe to read it, mull over it, and think of the absolute perfect way to deliver to you. This is the time to chill out. It’s the time to focus on other things.

The next step seems to be the most simple of all…but it is the one that most people have the most trouble with.

It’s allowing.

After the Universe receives your intention, reads it, thinks about it, and decides the perfect way to deliver it to you–

knock-knockThen the abundant Universe packs up your intention into a box and drops it into the mailbox. The mail carrier receives it and loads it into his mail truck. He then drives to your home, he hops out with your package in hand and bounces up to your front door.

You are home. You are peeping out the windows.window

You see that he has arrived with your answered prayer. You see that he has a box full of your hopes and dreams….but that freaks you out because it almost feels too good to be true!

So when the mail carrier knocks…you go hide in the bathroom.

He keeps on knocking, but you just won’t allow yourself to open up the door to receive the gifts from the Universe, which are the very things that you asked for!

The mail carrier finally gives up and takes your package back to the post office to be either brought back to you at a later date, held at the post office until you pick it up, or returned to sender–aka the Universe.

be-braveNow, if your package is coming back at a later date–awesome. You have time to get pumped up and open up the door the next time the mail person knocks. You have time to get brave. Time to realize that you are worthy of the goodness that is in that box!

But, if it’s being held at the post office for you, guess what–now you REALLY have to face your fears and you have to do extra action steps to get to your desired intention…and nobody likes extra work! Right?! This means that you have taken a bit of a detour. You are now being redirected to another way to achieve your desired intention. You are still on the path to getting to where you want to be–but it’s just going to take a little longer and going to require more work on your part because you didn’t allow it to come into your life in the first place!

And the most difficult of all–your package might have been returned back to the Universe!return

Can you imagine? The Universe gets the package that it packed just for you full of your intentions back? Full of your hopes & dreams.

Our Universe is a loving one–so I can imagine that it takes the box and carefully places it on a shelf in hopes that one day you will be brave enough to allow it to come into your life.


Alternatively, if you did open the door–yay! You were brave and you allowed the Universe to deliver your intentions with your heart open wide. You know that you 100% deserve to be happy and have all the good things that life has to offer! Congratulations! You have manifested your intention. You are now the proud owner of your shiny new reality!


2 thoughts on “Knock, knock…it’s the Universe.

  1. I have been receiving different things daily that are creating a new reality for me. I am proud to be the owner of my own happiness. I am so thankful that the universe continues to send my packages. I have so many more intentions that I just know are in the midst of being packaged up! I AM HAPPY!!!!


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