How I Purposely Manifested Our Home

12802903_10153282447856216_4095814691319697580_nIn 2011, my husband and I moved into our first apartment together with our 10-month-old daughter, Lily. It was a cute 2 bedroom, and absolutely perfect for our tiny family.

The next year, in 2012, I became pregnant with my second daughter, Emma. We were so excited that our family was growing but we knew that we needed to upgrade our space so our two children could live comfortably. But this time, we wanted a house instead of an apartment.

We looked to rent a new home in 2012, and we just couldn’t find anything in our budget. I told myself that it was okay and that we would just move after baby #2 was born.

In 2013, we began what would become our annual house hunt once again. We looked and looked…and still found nothing that we could afford. I was so sad, but remained positive that we would find something the next year…so we resigned our apartment lease, and we stayed.

In 2014, we played the same game…but this time my heart was so heavy. I didn’t have any hope left. It wasn’t a surprise that we didn’t find a home that year either. Lots of tears were shed. I felt so guilty for letting my kids down.

When January 2015 rolled around, I was determined to find a house. I told myself that I was going to do ANYTHING to get our family out of that apartment and into a larger home that we all wanted and needed for our family. My hope & motivation was restored and I thought that this was definitely our year!

I wanted my girls to have a yard to play in so badly. I wanted them to have a swing set, a pool, leaves to jump in…I wanted them to have the freedom to sing and dance in the living room without worrying what our downstairs neighbor would say. I wanted them to be able to be kids. And my heart absolutely broke that I had failed to find them a home for so many years before.

I began an obsessive online search. I spent most of my days searching for homes–without much luck.We spent our weekends driving around hoping to see a “for rent” sign in a nice neighborhood.

I was determined to make this happen so I enlisted the help of a real estate agent in our quest to find a rental. He gave us lots of options, but none of them panned out because there were so many other people interested in the rentals as well. We had all our friends and family on the lookout for rentals for us, too. It was tough to find a place in our city and even though I was so determined–my faith was wavering.

We were running out of time and running out of options.

The day came where we had to either move out of the apartment or resign our apartment’s lease…

And since we were not able to find anything, even with the help of a real estate agent…we were forced to resign the lease.

This was not one of my proudest days.

I remember being in the car and having a complete breakdown. I was crying and screaming, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!”

I said, “I’m pretty sure that the Universe hates me! Everyone else can live in a beautiful home but I am absolutely STUCK here in this apartment for the rest of my life!”

I was so mad at the Universe. I had read all my spiritual books. I kinda prayed…I kinda meditated…you know, sometimes. And this is what I get in return?! A bunch of nothing. I was hating on the Universe–BIG TIME. What was the Universe doing for me other than keeping me stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be? Yea, the Universe wasn’t my friend at this point in my life.

It was during this absolute lowest moment that I had my aha! moment.

I was doing this to myself.

I was creating this experience.

Everything I had ever read about the law of attraction and creating your own reality all of a sudden clicked.

This was all. my. fault.

I told my husband, “Oh my gosh, this is all my fault. I have been thinking so negatively. I have been thinking and saying that we are never going to find anything because I have been let down so many times before. I have been asking why is this happening to me. I am doing this.”

He said, “Babe, this isn’t your fault.”

But it was. I was mad at myself.

I knew so much about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the law of vibration…and KNEW that it would work but I hadn’t put any of it into practice.

What the heck was wrong with me!?

As soon as I got home to the apartment, I decided that it was the day that I was going to change.

Like, really change.

It was January 2015 at the time, and the first thing I decided to do was surround myself with positive energy.

First, I did this by removing negative people from my social media, by canceling my cable so I wouldn’t be tempted to watch the news or negative shows, and by only talking to people who made me feel good.

I wouldn’t watch ANYTHING that was remotely negative. I wouldn’t read those sad stories you see all over social media. I wouldn’t speak to people who love to complain. I even asked my husband to refrain from telling me about the drama that happened at his job.

I watched only shows that made me laugh, to help raise my vibration. I read a lot of spiritual books, self-help, and motivational books. I made many vision boards. I got into drawing & painting, which was very positive for me. I created a positive Instagram account so I could focus on finding quotes and knowledge and posting it there each day.

I got SERIOUS about who and what I allowed to affect my energy.

Next, I learned to meditate which helped me so much to calm my nerves and reach for a higher vibration.

And then, I learned all about Angels. Just knowing that I was being loved, guided, and supported by my Angels was absolutely life changing for me!

At this point, had been on this spiritual journey for 8 months. In August 2015, I created a vision board to purposely manifest my new

I hung it above my dining room table. I looked at it every chance I got. I repeated the affirmations all day long.

Nothing noticeable happened for a while…

Then one day in October 2015 we ran into a family friend while we were at a festival.

She told us that she had recently become a real estate agent.

She wanted to know if we would be interested in buying a home. She said she knew that we were cramped in our little apartment with our two kids.

I told her that our credit wasn’t the best because we had a voluntary car repossession from 2012 on there. We owed about $8,000 on it and until it was paid off, we were just going to be looking to rent.

She told me, “It’s probably not as bad as you think. We can probably have you in a house by the end of next year.”


We could be HOMEOWNERS in just a little over a year?!

No way, sounded way too good to be true.

I went home and pulled out my Angel oracle cards. I asked if this was the right time for us to buy a home.

I pulled, “Perfect timing.”

I needed more confirmation from my Angels so I asked Ben if he would pull a card. He also pulled “perfect timing.” Holy moly!

The next day, my friend called and told me that she had set up a phone call with a loan officer. I was so nervous because I thought he might laugh at our credit score. I thought it might ask me why I was even wasting his time.

Oh no, those negative thoughts were creeping back in.

So, I turned to my Angels and my Angel cards. I asked them for guidance about the phone call. I pulled, “You’re being helped.” Which said, things were being worked out by your Angels behind the scenes. your-being-helped

The next day, he called me and after just a few questions, he told me that we were approved for a home loan.


“What about the voluntary car repossession that is on our credit?” I asked.

He said, “Hm, I don’t see that on here. Let me check again. Nope..nothing like that on here. It must have fallen off.”

I was shocked, “Are you sure?! I just checked online yesterday and it was on there..and I know it takes at least 7 years for something to fall off your credit and it’s only been 3 years!”

He said, “I’m absolutely sure…there is no repossession on here.”

Holy Mother of God. This was really happening!

Now, I knew that is exactly what my Angels meant when I pulled the card that said they were ‘working behind the scenes.’

This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen, right?! There must be something going on and it will come to bite me in the butt later, right?

But I thought, get out of here, negative thoughts. This. is. happening!

From there it was a little slow going since we had the holidays and a trip to Tennessee planned. I kept pulling Angel cards and listening to the guidance that was given to me through my intuition.

All was well.

In January, we began to look for homes.

At first, we were finding only major fixer uppers in our price point. I was getting a little discouraged that maybe we wouldn’t find the perfect home for us.

One night while our family was driving to a restaurant, I asked my Angels out loud, “Am I on the right path? Please give me a sign because I am feeling like the houses we are seeing are not for us and we need to move from our apartment by March! Please give me a sign, Angels!”

After my husband ordered our food, he asked me to look at the receipt. $22.22. I knew that was an Angel number so I quickly looked it up and it said, “Keep your faith. You are on the right path.”

I started to cry because I felt so guided and supported by my Angels. So, we kept on going.

A couple days later, I told my Angels that I would know that we found the perfect house because there would be some kind of Angel sign. There would be an Angel number (1111, 2222, 3333. etc), an Angel word (halo, wings, feathers, Michael, etc), or I would see an Angel sign (feathers or a coin.)

We went out on Friday to look at three different houses and I had the most amazing energy flowing through me. There was something different about this day. It felt like this was THE day.

We got to the first house before the realtor. I got out of the car and immediately told my 6-year-old daughter, Lily, that this was our new home. I told her to stand there and let me take a picture of the day we found our new home!13083361_10153408123421216_6674637437363674708_n

She said, “Mom, is this REALLY our new home?”

I had this feeling going through me. My gut said yes. My heart said yes.

My 4-year-old daughter, Emma, gave me a little pink flower. I accidentally dropped it and when I did, I saw a big feather on the ground right at my feet!


There was my Angel sign!

At that point, I KNEW this house would be ours.

Our realtor tried to keep me grounded by saying, “You might not get this one, so let’s look at the others…”

But, I believed with every ounce of my being that we would live in that house. We would make it our home and that the Angels had lead me here all along!

The next day, we went to put an offer on the home.

Our real estate agent friend, her husband, and my husband were all talking about putting a lower offer on the house.

My intuition was screaming at me, “GO FULL PRICE.”

My husband didn’t agree…he thought going lower was the better option. Our friends were on his side.

On and on we went and this little voice in my heart kept saying, “This MUST be a full price offer!”

My husband knows all about my intuitive feelings, so I turned to him and said, “Please trust me, I have a feeling. It NEEDS to be full price. I don’t know why, but let’s just trust.”

So we put in a full price offer and I decided to write a little note to the owner of the home telling her about us…so we were not just names on a piece of paper.

Our agent told us that we would need to wait about 3 days before we got a response. She told us to go home and keep our minds busy while we waited.

That same night, she called.

She told us that she couldn’t believe what had happened.

There was only one other offer on the home other than ours.

And it was full price.

And what tipped us over was my little note.

Ah!! Thank you intuition & my Angels–if not for that the house would have gone to the other people.

The rest is history. We are happily living in our new home.


I did 10 months of soul work before things started shifting.

But I did this. I raised my vibration. I got myself out of the “poor me” frequency. I changed this situation. I invited my Angels in to help.

I did this.

I purposely manifested our home.

I did this and I couldn’t be more proud!

My kids can finally play in the leaves and run in their yard…and they can have super loud & fun dance parties in the living room.



2 thoughts on “How I Purposely Manifested Our Home

  1. This is so wonderful….I love knowing the universe and angels are always listening….thank you for sharing this experience with me


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