Manifest Money!

Abraham-Hicks says, “Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds, and things move; manifestation has begun.”

With that idea in mind, I wrote this paper to help myself and others keep the thought of abundance for 68 seconds and beyond. All to help kickstart your manifesting! You have my permission to print this out for your own personal use. I recommend reading twice a day (in the morning and at night) and really get into the FEELING of it. Thoughts become things–but more importantly, what you feel about, you bring about.

FEEL abundant, and you will be.

If you find this useful, please let me know in the comments! I would like to make more on other topics of manifestation in the future!  Hope you enjoy!

Abundance Manifestation

The positive forces of the Universe are on my side to create whatever I need or desire. I am a powerful creator of my own reality. I choose what I want to show up in my life. I am one with the beautiful light–the infinite love, infinite channel, and the infinite source of the Universe! Through this power, I release all experiences of lack and unworthiness. I release all negative emotions I may have surrounding abundance. It is safe for me to release any feelings of fear, lack, guilt, or anything else that I might be feeling about prosperity. I know I am worthy of an amazingly abundant life. Through this immense power inside of me, I know I am capable of receiving everything that I need or desire. It is safe for me to have money. I release all my limitation concerning money.releasing-fears

This is a new day full of many wonderful possibilities. I am living an amazing life filled with wonderful experiences and I am abundantly prosperous. I am living the life of my dreams. I own my dream home and my dream car that is perfectly suited to my needs and wants. I am able to enjoy the finer things in life. I am able to give the ones I love the things they need and desire. It feels so good to give! I am able to travel to beautiful places and enjoy the planet I live on. I am able to engage in hobbies that I enjoy! Living this abundant life allows me to help others. I use my money to do meaningful things for myself and others. I gladly receive money and I gladly give money.

From this powerful place inside of me, I am now a vibrational match to an abundance of effortless money coming to me in many joyful ways. I am a vibrational match to financial prosperity because I chose to only think positive thoughts about money. I choose to attract positive and abundant circumstances into my experience. Because of this, I stay in a wonderful place of continuously receiving money and other forms of abundance that is in my highest good.

I now allow the Universe to create a vessel in my mind, spirit, and heart to joyfully hold unlimited financial prosperity! I am limitless! The amount of money coming to me is ever increasing. From this day forward, I literally expect an abundance of money or come out of nowhere. I expect money and it always arrives. I anticipate money’s arrival as I go about my day. I expect money and it always arrives.

how-to-manifest-moneyI receive money throughout my day and I even make money while I am sleeping! I am a strong money magnet! Money is just energy and it flows to me easily. I have a good relationship with my money. I love my money and my money loves me! Money is waiting for me in my mailbox right now! When I check my mail, I always receive wonderful checks! When I check my email, money is always there for me! When I check my bank account, I always smile because I feel safe & secure with a large amount of money I have in all my accounts. It feels so good to have all my bills paid. I gladly pay my bills with a positive attitude. I know that money is just energy and what I give out will always return to me. My money makes me feel safe & secure. I am thankful for all the money I have, and for all the money that is coming to me now! Thank you, Universe!mailbox-and-money

I am worthy of all the good things that life has to offer! I am worthy of having nice things. I am worthy of feeling safe and secure. I am worthy of abundance. I am worthy of prosperity. I am worthy of having all my needs and desires met. I am worthy of having large amounts of money. Money is always coming to me in rapid abundance!

I now open my mind, body, and soul to receive! I am open to receive all the wonderful gifts that the Universe has to offer to me! I am ready to allow money, abundance, and prosperity to enter my life! Thank you, Universe!



4 thoughts on “Manifest Money!

  1. This exact type of thinking is what I’ve used to gain so much in such a short period of time. Reading this made me realize that. Everything I have right now is something I’ve felt about and have received!


  2. I’m a big Abraham-Hicks fan. I always thought it curious why it was 17 seconds exactly. Why not 10, 15 or 20 seconds LOL. Anyway, It’s always very profitable to think abundance as much as possible!


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