Every day for the past 5 months I have been walking my children to and from school. At first, it was due to necessity, because my husband’s car stopped working and he had to take my car to get to and from work…but now I have found so many wonderful reasons to continue to walk.

The first reason, of course, is that it is good for my physical health! I walk at least 2 miles every day…sometimes 4 miles when I take the long way home.

Second, I am finding that it is incredible for my spiritual health. My mind. Good for my soul. Here’s why…

A few months ago, I was walking home–and as I walked along, I was admiring the trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, peacocks, the sky, the dirt, the homes I was passing, the cars I saw…I was admiring it all. I wasn’t merely looking…I was appreciating.

In that moment, I realized how helpful this could be in my life. Gratitude is so POWERFUL and here I was faced with an opportunity to do a walking meditation while 100% focused on gratitude. So instead of just viewing it and appreciating all the wonderful things I was seeing–I began to THANK everything!

Here was a bit of my thought process:

Thank you, Trees–for existing, for being so beautiful, and for creating oxygen for me to breathe. Thank you, Trees–for supplying a home for birds, squirrels, and bugs, for standing steady and strong during storms and for providing me a shady shelter during hot days. Thank you, Flowers–for existing, for being so beautiful and colorful, for surrounding me with beauty and reminding me that life is so sweet, and for growing in abundance. Thank you, Birds & Squirrels–for keeping me company as I walk along, for playing and reminding me that life should be fun! Thank you, Homes–for being beautiful and for protecting the wonderful humans and pets that are inside. Thank you, Cars–for being shiny and pretty to look at, and for keeping us safe as we travel the roads. Oh, hello, Sky!…thank you for changing all the time & reminding me that change is a necessary part of life and thank you for being so vast & reminding me that life is full of possibility. Thank you, Sky–for creating clouds, rain, and rainbows! Thank you, Dirt–for creating a solid foundation for while my life is built and for being a fertile place for plants to grow and creatures to live. Thank you, Breeze–for sweeping across my body and keeping me cool and for sharing the flowers sweet fragrance with me. Etc!

For 15-20 minutes, as I walk along…I just go on & on inside my own mind. Focusing 100% on exactly what I am grateful for in that PRESENT moment. Not focusing on anything other than what I am seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

I call this my GRATITUDE WALK and it is so good for my Soul!

Lately, I have been coaching a few people and WORTHINESS has been coming up a lot. A feeling of unworthiness can show up in your life as dis-ease, sickness, pain, failure, depression, etc! Believing you are worthy is ESSENTIAL to living at your highest potential. It is ESSENTIAL for you to move forward as the wonderful, happy, & joyous light being that you REALLY ARE.

So, that got me thinking–

and today I took my very first WORTHINESS WALK. (Kinda catchy, eh?)

So, 15-20 minutes while walking–I began to focus 100% on all the reasons I am worthy. At first, it was very general…but as I walked on things began to shift and my subconscious began to respond and tons of reasons began flooding my thoughts. We all struggle with feelings of unworthiness…and that is so sad because we came here to Earth flourish. We came here to live abundantly…and these feelings of unworthiness hold us back from really experiencing what we are meant to experience here.

Here is a little peak inside of my thought process for my WORTHINESS WALK.

I am worthy. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of Ben’s love. I am worthy of Lily’s love. I am worthy of Emma’s love, I am worthy of Kate’s love. I am worthy of my Parent’s love. I am worthy of having a nice home. I am worthy of having a nice & safe car. I am worthy of the beauty that is all around me. I am worthy of happy experiences. I am worthy of being loved. I am worthy of my creativity. I am a worthy artist. I am worthy of praise. I am worthy of compliments. I am worthy of good friendship. I am worthy of my positive thoughts. I am worthy of traveling to the places I want to go. I am worthy of experiencing the things I want to experience. Etc…

The important part of this is to keep focused! Just like in meditation…sometimes your mind will wander off and think other things.


You are NOT doing it wrong.

There is NO way to this wrong.

Let me repeat–YOU ARE NOT DOING IT WRONG. There is nothing wrong with you! You are wonderful!

When your mind wanders–THANK YOUR BRAIN. (hehe!)


Well…your brain is supposed to THINK, isn’t it?

So, Thank you Brain for thinking and doing your job so well…and then re-focus back to your GRATITUDE WALK or your WORTHINESS WALK.

Can’t walk–that’s okay, too! Do this as a meditation…sit back in your chair -or- in your bed and FOCUS on your present moment gratitudes or worthiness for 10-20 minutes.

Wonderful things happen in my life when I am in tune with my soul–when I am connected to spirit. These walks are one of the ways I have found to be most powerful in my own life–and naturally, I wanted to share it with you so you can also benefit from it…because I just love you so much & I care sooo much about your well-being!

While my walks came out of necessity, now it is something I enjoy and look forward to every day.

And my Soul thanks me (and I thank my Soul! hehe) My Soul knows the way! ❤








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