It has been such a long time since I have had time to sit down and write a blog. Time seems to be zooming by at supersonic speed right now!

Over the past few months, our two older daughters went back to school (kindergarten and second grade) and we celebrated our youngest daughter’s first birthday! We had a great Halloween with the kids dressing up as a Genie, a Greek Goddess, and a Pumpkin!

I challenged myself to 100 days of painting (currently on day 34!) and it’s been going well. Really helping me to shake things up and put more focus onto my work.

A few weeks ago, we felt guided to go vegan. It was a huge leap for my hubby and I–but things are going well. Surprisingly, it has been a much easier transition than we expected. This week we are going to be trying black bean burgers with vegan cheese and fries! We are really missing burgers…so this is gonna be AWESOME! 😀

Well, I just wanted to force myself to come on here and write a little blurb…and later on I want to come and create some posts about some enlightening things that have happened with every topic that I mentioned above!



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